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Paula Franco 


Italian-Argentine artist

Paula Franco  is a Buenos Aires based artist.  Her main subjects are florals, foliage, space, lettering, earth, symbolism, and a few spiritual pieces here and there. 

The artist enjoys working with watercolor,

ink and acrylics on paper. 

You can find Paula  in her studio, painting, managing her online sales, licensing her work to amazing companies and teaching workshops around 

the world and online.


Paula Franco 

In a traditional level, she study in 3 schools of art from Buenos Aires as a master in drawing & paint, profesor & phd in paintings . 

 She did a lot of restorations of piece of art , antiques & modern objects she is specialist in frame , in repairing museum old pieces .
As a visionary artist and teacher, she dedicate the last 20 years to the art as a way of healing, trough the paintings, the writings and the teachings of emotional and intuitive creativity .
Because of her interest in spirituality , 

she get to this in  different ways :

—Trough exploring many different forms of art expression .
—Different technics of energetic healing.
—For the way of Myth & Arquetipos.
she explore her own believes until she discover the reborn of the Goddess …..going very deep in investigations about Kabbalah and the intensive practice of feminine shamanism , she get trough they're own limitations with very important  Initiations .

GLACIARES de Paula Franco
Humo púrpura